Our Mission
The Greensboro History Museum shares the city’s compelling history in countless ways. Exhibits fire imaginations, modern technology provides non-stop access and outreach, programs educate and entertain, and collections link generations. Our commitment to community service, dialogue, and relevance never wavers.

Volunteers founded the museum, then named the Greensboro Historical Museum, in 1924. Today, it is a facility of the City of Greensboro as a division within the Greensboro Public Library Department. The museum operates through a partnership with the City of Greensboro and Greensboro History Museum Inc., a membership organization open to any interested person. The Greensboro History Museum Inc. owns the collections and supports exhibition, collection and program projects.

Brigitte Blanton, Greensboro Public Library Director

Carol Ghiorsi Hart, Museum Director

Director’s Vision
The Greensboro History Museum will engage the community in the pursuit of wisdom through connections that challenge.

Greensboro History Museum Inc. Board Mission Statement
The Greensboro History Museum Inc. Board of Trustees ensures the telling of Greensboro’s history by setting strategic direction for the Museum through

  • Engaging diverse individuals and communities in a quality museum experience
  • Serving as responsible fiscal stewards
  • Cultivating needed resources
  • Promoting the Museum to the community
  • Supporting Museum staff and volunteers as they carry out the institution’s mission

Our vision statement defines what we see as our goals for the future – a challenging, yet achievable vision of a museum that meets the highest standard of excellence, teaches and informs in a variety of energetic and accessible ways, and is a vibrant, visible, and valued community institution.

2018 Board of Trustees

Julie Malloy Copeland, President
Tiffany Lam-Balfour, President-Elect
Michele Perrell, Finance Vice President
Carolyn Flowers, Community Vice President
Tyson Hammer Strandberg, Membership Vice President
Susanne Hall, Executive Secretary

Courtney Ageon
Uma Avva
Mike Cammack
Sandra Canipe
Chris Carlson
Lynn Donovan
Cham Edmiston
Gayle Fripp
James Griffin
Shalane Griffin
Patrick Haywood
Mark Kaley
Rose Marie Ponton
Charles Prefontaine
Susan Robinson
Jim Schlosser
Justin Smith
Alison Soucy
Craig Taylor
William Hale White