Project Democracy 20/20

What is it?

Project Democracy 20/20 is a yearlong Greensboro History Museum initiative that will explore American democracy through exhibitions, public programs and innovative community connections. The centerpiece of this project is the Smithsonian Institution’s traveling exhibition, American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith (December 7, 2019–March 27, 2020).

This project will spark discussions relevant to the presidential election year, the 100th anniversary of the woman’s right to vote and the 60th anniversary of the Greensboro Sit-Ins. We will explore the questions:

  • What is democracy?
  • Who votes and how?
  • Beyond the ballot, how have we used our right to petition and protest?
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens?
  • How does engaging with history activate citizens’ participation in their government?

How can I get involved?

Share your personal history as part of Greensboro Voices: Voting

Help us document individual perspectives on the opportunities, challenges and feelings associated with casting a ballot by participating in a video oral history interview.

We invite you to share your experience about your experiences going to the polls, whether last year or decades ago. You may even appear as part of the Smithsonian American Democracy exhibition in December.

Contact Glenn Perkins at 336-373-2610 or to take part.

More information coming soon. Keep up on the latest by staying tuned to Greensboro History Museum’s social media channels or signing up for our eNews.