Trouped Trunks

Traveling Trunks for Schools - Greensboro Historical Museum

Hands-on experiences fill students with wonder.

Trouped trunks are presented by volunteers at your Guilford County location. Because items are often passed among students, group size may not exceed 35 students. Up to three presentations in one visit may be arranged, each lasting 30 to 60 minutes long.

Is There a Cost to Reserving a Trouped Trunk?

In an effort to better serve our audience while promoting education, there is no cost associated with our Greensboro History Museum Trouped Trunk presentations; however, we do ask that each presentation is for groups of 35 or fewer with a limit of 3 presentations per visit.

What Forms of Payment Does the Museum Accept?

We accept cash and checks. The museum asks patrons who are using cash to provide exact change.

What’s in the Museum’s Trouped Trunks?

Transportation (K-5)

Transportation (K-5)

Discover how people traveled using the skid, wagon, sailboat, and helicopter.

Greensboro's Jewish Heritage (K-8)

Greensboro’s Jewish Heritage (K-8)

Witness the growth and impact of Greensboro’s thriving Jewish community from the arrival of the Cone brothers in 1894 to the present. Discover Jewish life and culture, customs and holidays.

School Days (1-4)

School Days (1-4)

Imagine visiting a one-room schoolhouse with teacher Miss Lina Porter during the 1870s.

North Carolina Native Americans (3-5)

North Carolina Native Americans (3-5)

Find out about local Native American life through clothing, food, weapons, games and crafts.

African American Success Stories (3-8)

African American Success Stories (3-8)

Identify African Americans from Greensboro who have influenced the history of our city, state and nation.

Please contact Education Assistant Kathy Rowsick by email at or by phone at 336.373.4321.

How Do I Request a Traveling Trunk?

Traveling Trunks contain an easy-to-use script, are loosely based upon North Carolina curriculum standards and are adaptable to many audiences and grade levels.