Weaving Wonder with Historical Threads: Janet Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture at LeBauer Park


May 21, 2016 – April 23, 2017

What the heck is that?
Greensboro’s history inspired artist Janet Echelman to create something of wonder for LeBauer Park.Logo

This exhibition centers on the massive aerial artwork that Janet Echelman designed for the Carolyn & Maurice LeBauer Park. Inspired by the threads of our local history, Echelman wove an ever-changing sculpture, 90 feet by 70 feet, that hangs 55 feet in the air. The exhibition also explores the ways history can inspire art and audience.

Our second floor gallery space has been transformed ─ new carpet, curvilinear wall system and video installations ─ so you experience history at the museum as never before. An original film features an interview with Janet Echelman about her Greensboro sculpture. Visitors are able to play with ideas of history and art, weaving their own wonder. Elements of the exhibit include two interactives: an interactive map kiosk of Greensboro public art and a station where visitors create their own Ah-Ha! moment and art inspired by Greensboro’s history.