Gerrymander Madness

Courtesy Lynn Donovan Photography

“As you win, democracy loses…”

Gerrymander Madness: The Anti-Democracy VR Game is designed to demonstrate how politicians can game the system of voting districts, no matter their party. Learn more here and here.

Gerrymander Madness places gamers into a fictional North Carolina legislator’s office and allows them to manipulate the districts of a state map to gain political advantage for either the red or blue party. Players score points as they gain control of districts and disenfranchise voters of the opposing party.

Durham-based software developers CrossComm designed the game in partnership with the Greensboro History Museum for the Project Democracy 20/20 initiative.

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A quick introduction

CrossComm’s Don Shin talks about games, democracy and technology on GHM’s History Lunch Break

GHM Curator of Exhibits Robert Harris and CrossComm’s Don Shin talk about Gerrymander Madness on WUNC Radio‚Äôs The State of Things

Experience the Game at Home

Now you can now experience Gerrymander Madness on your own VR device! The game is available as a free download on Steam or the Oculus Rift app store. To get your copy, follow the links at