Pieces of Now

Murals, Masks, Community Stories and Conversations

From face masks to S. Elm Street storefront murals demanding racial justice, 2020 has seen amazing expressions across the Gate City. Pieces of Now features nearly 20 pieces of street art created as part of the summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, along with photos, objects and video interviews with artists and organizers. The exhibition also invites the community to share experiences, stories and objects related to the protests, pandemic and economic crisis. 

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Exhibition Videos

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Hands up Don't Shoot Mural Artist Chimeri Anazia


Chimeri Anazia
Beka Butts
Gina Franco
Jasmine Franco
Freddie Garcia
Ashley Griffin
Krystal Hart
Virginia Holmes
Marshall Lakes

Sinaya Lawson
Philip Marsh
Darlene McClinton
Grip Wayne McDuffie
Carly Mensch
Emilio Merz
Victoria Milstein
Brandi Schmitz
Mike Wirth

Pieces of Now Artist Interviews playlist on the GHM YouTube Channel


Lynn Donovan
Kevin Greene, Alpha Shots Photography
Jerry Wolford, Perfecta Visuals


Timeline and objects featured in exhibition. Coming soon!


601-A S. Elm St.
Business: On Point Barbershop
Owner: Will Dowd Jr.    
Untitled by Phillip Marsh

534 S. Elm St.
Business: Stolen Skate Shop
Owner: John Martin
“Time 4 Change” by Freddy Garcia

530 S. Elm St.
Business: Vintage to Vogue Boutique
Owner: Jennifer Graf
“Black Lives Matter” by Gina Franco

529 S. Elm St.
Business: Gate City Candy Co.
Owner: Daniel Weatherington
“Do Not Be Silent” by Beka Butts

526 S. Elm St.
Business: Rock’s Hair Shop
Owner: Jenean Eberhardt
“Black Lives Matter” by Jasmine Franco
“Stronger Together” by Brandi Schmitz
“Unity” by Ashley Griffin

519 S. Elm St.
Business: Dudley Cosmetology University
Owner: Eunice M. Dudley
“Feeding Time” by Grip Wayne McDuffie

517 S. Elm St.
Business: VCM Studio
Owner: Victoria Milstein
Untitled by Victoria Milstein, Ron Milstein, Marisa Milstein, Katie Parker, Sidney Carlin-Stretz, Krystal Hart, Mai  Johnson, Obalasi Johnson, Greensboro Interfaith 2019 trip to Israel and community

515 S. Elm St.
Business: Sonder Mind and Body
Owners: Jessika and Veronika Olsen      
Untitled by community

513 S. Elm St.
Business: Vivid Interiors
Owners: Laura Mensch and Gina Hicks
Untitled by Sinaya Lawson, Carly Mensch and community

511 S. Elm St.
Business: Area Modern Home & Lighting
Owner: Mark Hewett   
“We Stand with You” by community

500 S. Elm St.
Business: stitch-FX
Owner: Tinker Clayton
“Marching Together” by Marshall Lakes

115 E. Lewis St.
Business: ReAligned
Owner: Melanie Knier
“They Sat, We Stand” by Mike Wirth

S. Elm St. at McGee St.
“Dear White People” by anonymous

320 S. Elm St.
Business: Old Photo Specialists
Owner: Bill Heroy
“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” by Chimeri Anazia

315 S. Elm St.
Business: Cheesecakes by Alex
Owner: Alex Amoroso, Jr.           
Untitled by Virginia Holmes

232 S. Elm St.
Business: Triad Stage
“Homage to Our Ancestors” by Darlene McClinton
Commissioned by Triad Stage and Majestic Scenic


Learn more about these project partners (more coming soon…):

Haus of Lacks
Save the Arts Foundation
Triad Black Lives Matter Protest Collection, UNCG Digital Collections

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