NC Democracy: Eleven Elections


April 23, 2022 – present

All political power is vested in and derived from the people only…
 – North Carolina Declaration of Rights, 1776

What has democracy meant to different people at different moments in NC history? What was at stake in elections in 1835, 1898, 1920 or 1990? How do decisions then continue to matter now?

Explore choices and change across 11 elections between 1776 and 2010. NC Democracy: Eleven Elections illustrates the twists and turns of who could participate, how voters cast their ballots, and what influenced decisions that continue to shape what democracy means today.

You’ll discover the documents that transformed how our state’s democracy has worked. You’ll confront changing values about what or who was important. You’ll follow the actions that have opened up and shut down opportunities for equal participation.

Together let’s check our democracy settings and recognize the power of our vote.

NC Democracy: Eleven Elections is part of the Greensboro History Museum’s Project Democracy 20/20 initiative, supported in part by North Carolina Humanities, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Find out more at https://greensborohistory.org/democracy  

Virtual Exhibition

Preview NC Democracy: Eleven Elections with an online walk-through.

Expert Takes

Take a look at some of the Expert Take video interviews with scholars about the 11 elections.