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Greensboro History Museum cares for more than 600,000 archival items in addition to more than 30,000 three dimensional objects. Many of these artifacts require specialized treatment by a professional conservator. Adopt an Object provides individuals, families, organizations and businesses an opportunity to support very important conservation projects through tax-deductible donations.

Your donation in any amount helps us care for the collections that are entrusted to us and preserve them for future generations.

How to Adopt an Object

Donations can be made ONLINE or via check, credit card or pledge. Questions? Contact Museum Director Carol Ghiorsi Hart at 336.373.2306.

Adopt an Object

Ready for Adoption

Marines Bomber Jacket, 1943
Estimated Conservation Cost: $5000

Melvin Reich wore this jacket while serving in Marine Aircraft Group 31, commissioned at Cherry Point, NC, in 1943. They left the United States for the Pacific in September 1943 and were the first to operate on the Japanese mainland at Yokosuka. Conservation needed: consolidating and protecting leather, treating fabric, and stabilizing sleeves and hem. (1995.100.0005)

Mark Iddings Clothing, circa 1814
Estimated Conservation Cost: $2200

According to Armfield family tradition, this clothing was a militia uniform worn by their ancestor Mark Iddings (1784-1848), a Guilford County Quaker. An attractive homespun cotton tailcoat, a linen neck stock and drop-front cotton pants form the ensemble. (1939.510) ADOPTED!

To learn more about objects that have been already been adopted and conserved, visit our page about Conserved Objects.