Greensboro Historical Museum Announces Opening of New Exhibit

Warnersville: Our Home, Our Neighborhood, Our StoriesNovember 18, 2014

On Sunday, November 23 from 2-5 pm, the Greensboro Historical Museum is hosting a reception for the opening of its new exhibit, Warnersville: Our Home, Our Neighborhood, Our Stories. Warnersville, the first planned African American community in Greensboro, has a unique history that will be told through a multimedia exhibit that includes video and oral histories, artifacts, film, maps, photographs and the poetry of Warnersville native Alonzo Stevens.

New technologies in the exhibit include ipad stations and a kiosk where stories come alive at a touch. Artifacts on exhibit range from the large, a set of doors and the cornerstone from JC Price Elementary School, to a 1960s championship baseball.

The Warnersville exhibition project has been a true collaboration from the beginning, with an advisory exhibit committee that includes participants from David D. Jones Elementary School, the Warnersville Recreation Center, neighborhood churches, and the community. Museum Director Carol Ghiorsi Hart says, “It has been a joy to work with our advisory team over the past year. Warnersville has been building its community for decades, not with bricks and mortar, for the physical landscape has changed drastically, but through a spirit that persists and stories that will always be remembered.”

The exhibit will be open for the next twelve months. Special programs will be presented throughout 2015 highlighting different aspects of the Warnersville story.