Our Educational Philosophy

The Greensboro History Museum strives to open Greensboro’s history in ways that will inspire, challenge and even transform you.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a teacher who would like to bring a class, an amateur historian or a child at heart, the museum will help you discover history in a whole new way.

Discover and Learn at the Greensboro Historical Museum

We aspire to make the museum’s stories and exhibitions relevant, accessible, and engaging by serving you, our diverse audience, both on- and off-site, through fun and interactive public programs, tours and educational resources. In this way, we challenge you to make deeper and more vibrant connections, not only with history, but with your own story and ultimately with the wider community in which you live.

To stimulate enjoyable, lifelong, and historically-minded learning, we seek to offer resources that are:

• fun and engaging
• object-based, yet visitor-centered
• meeting standards for physical and intellectual accessibility
• based upon professional standards for museum education
• supported by proven educational principles, current teaching practices, and learning theories
• anchored in national and North Carolina state curriculum standards
• informed by audience research and evaluation
• contributing to visitor service satisfaction

Discover and learn at the Greensboro Historical Museum
Experience living history at the Greensboro Historical Museum