Adopt an Object

Adopt an Object provides the people of Greensboro – individuals, families, organizations and businesses – an opportunity to support very important conservation projects through tax-deductible donations.

The Greensboro History Museum Inc. houses more than 525,000 archival items in addition to more than 25,000 three dimensional objects. Many of these artifacts require specialized treatment by a professional conservator. Your tax-deductible donation in any amount would help the museum’s mission of preserving the history and heritage of Greensboro.

How to Adopt an Object

Donations can be made ONLINE or via check, credit card or pledge. Questions? Contact Museum Director Carol Ghiorsi Hart at 336.373.2306.

Adopt an Object

Ready for Adoption

Image by Micah Brown Photography © 2017

Southern Railroad Passenger Train Mural, circa 1909
Estimated Conservation Cost: $29,000

Itinerant artist Harper Bond painted this mural in exchange for room and board at the Clegg Hotel at 368 S. Elm St. The artist’s skill and the mural’s subject attracted a great deal of interest even before it was completed. A newspaper described the artist’s effort as painstaking, for the mural measured more than 30 feet, covering the entire length of the coffee shop. When restoration is complete, the mural will be installed in the Denim Capital gallery. (1962.164.1)

Mark Iddings Clothing, circa 1814
Estimated Conservation Cost: $2200

According to Armfield family tradition, this clothing was a militia uniform worn by their ancestor Mark Iddings (1784-1848), a Guilford County Quaker. An attractive homespun cotton tailcoat, a linen neck stock and drop-front cotton pants form the ensemble. (1939.510)

Watercolors of John & Nancy Logan by the Guilford Limner, 1827
Estimated Conservation Cost: $975

These watercolors are among over 70 attributed to the “Guilford Limner,” a traveling artist who produced much of his work in this area. In addition to displaying the artist’s unique skill, these paintings provide a window on life in Guilford County at the time through clothing, furniture and the items held by the subjects. (1939.135.1; 1939.144)

Lunsford Richardson Recipe Books, 1890s–1900s
Estimated Conservation Cost: $2700

Greensboro pharmacist and entrepreneur Lunsford Richardson recorded recipes for the cures with which he was experimenting in these two notebooks. They include his formulas for Chill Tonic, Toothache Drops and the Croup Salve later known as VapoRub. (1987.48.57) ADOPTED!

Zachary Taylor Daguerreotype, circa 1847
Estimated Conservation Cost: $3200

This daguerreotype of President Zachary Taylor is likely among the earliest photographs of him, probably taken soon after his return from the Mexican War. Although it shows Taylor in civilian dress, it became the basis for an engraving of him in military uniform. (1973.208.1)

To learn more about objects that have been already been adopted and conserved, visit our page about Conserved Objects.