Donate an Object

Puppet Pied Piper with D King 6.25 smallThank you for your interest in donating objects or documents to the museum. Every year we acquire new items through individuals, families and businesses that illuminate the history and people of the Greensboro area.

When we add to our collection, whether a tiny button or an automobile, we are agreeing to care, research and document each object so it will be part of the community story for generations to come. This thoughtful decision is based on the following collection priorities and criteria.

Priorities for Consideration

  • To strengthen and fulfill the mission of the museum
  • To strengthen collecting areas in which the museum has a specialized focus or a specific need
  • Objects with strong, clearly defined provenance

Criteria for Consideration

  • Clear and well documented information from the source about the object and its history
  • Condition, whether sound or in need of conservation care
  • Similar holdings and duplication
  • Research or informational value
  • Exhibition potential
  • Preservation or conservation concerns, available storage, long-term care and resources.

All donations are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Service regulations; please check with your financial advisor. All gifts are considered the outright and unconditional property of the Greensboro History Museum.

How Can I Donate an Object to the Museum?

Please contact our curatorial staff and tell us more about the item(s) you would like to donate. Note that staff are available only by appointment to accept donations.

Elise Allison, Archivist
336.373.2976 or Tell Us More

Jon Zachman, Curator of Collections
336.373.4589 or  Tell Us More

Can the Museum Appraise Objects?

The museum cannot appraise objects for individuals or for donations. We can assist donors in:

  • identifying a qualified appraiser
  • finding other resources
  • finding reference materials about the item
  • making any donation available for an appraiser

For your convenience, these organizations provide lists of appraisers in your area:

American Society of Appraisers

Appraisers Association of America